Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil - pack of 5


Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil

Contains 5x Bharanyu Radiant Face oil 30ml

Ayurveda's secret for bringing out your inner radiance...

  • The unique ingredients will give your skin a fresh looking complexion
  • The nutrient-rich oil pamper your skin with long-lasting moisture
  • Exquisite care with ingredients that soothe the skin
  • Valuable natural ayurvedic ingredients

Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil is a traditionally produced oil that embraces the secrets of nature, it is made according to the classic principles of Ayurveda via a long and laborious process using valuable natural ayurvedic ingredients that pamper your skin. 

These are the miracle ingredients of nature that will make your skin shine:

The natural power of turmeric.

In Ayurveda, the ground turmeric root has been known for thousands of years for it's holistic strengthening of the entire system and for it's use in natural beauty care for the skin.

Turmeric has a long tradition in the systems of Ayurveda, even today during Indian wedding rituals this ingredient in paste form is used to give a full body massage after which the skin feels tender and brings out the inner radiance.

The root reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and will give your loose-looking skin a fresh kick. 

The soothing Manjistha root.

The root of the Indian Madder, also known as Manjistha, is an integral part of ayurvedic skin care and a popular complexion enhancer.

It is considered a loyal ally of woman and literally translates to "bright red", an indication of it's red roots. The root tastes bitter, herbal and sweet and can soothe an out of balance pitta or kapha dosha. Signs of discoloration or spots on the skin are reduced and this root will let your skin glow again with all of it's natural strength.

The super fruit Amla

The much beloved little super fruit is a real all-rounder. It has been known since ancient times for it's balancing and revitalizing effect. It helps reduce the appearance of marks, blemishes and pigmentation. In India, the Amla tree is considered sacred and the berry itself is indispensable in Ayurveda.

The Amla fruit is extremely acidic, but actually combines five of the 6 different flavors. 

The gentle cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices, especially in winder, but it's so much more than that.

Cinnamon combines the properties of hot, bitter and sweet and soothes the Kapha and Vata dosha. Cinnamon makes your skin look well moisturized and helps enhance your complexion. This ensures beautiful and elastic skin, reducing the signs of aging and fine lines.

The unique combination of Turmeric, Manjistha, Amla and Cinnamon will bring out your inner radiance and make you skin shine.

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Directions for use:

Nourishing night care

Clean your face as usual. Take 3 drops of iYURA Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil in your palm and gently dab in on your face, neck and décolleté. Massage the oil into your skin for 5 minutes or until it has been completely absorbed. Take more or less oil based on your skins requirements.

Soothing shower gel

Apply the naturally scented oil to the skin before taking a shower. Then wash the skin with warm water, a delicate protective film will envelop body and mind.

Ingredients (INCI):

Sesamum indicum seed oil, Rubia cordifolia stem extract , Curcuma longa rhizome extract, Symplocos racemosa stem, bark extract, Cyperus rotundus rhizome extract, Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark extract, Emblica officinalis fruit extract, Terminalia belerica, fruit extract. Terminalia chebula fruit extract, Pandanus tectorius root extract, Ficus bengalensis root (aerial) extract, Pavonia odorata root extract

30 ml x 5


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