iYURA is THE brand with which you can experience authentic, effective Ayurveda in the most beautiful and tolerable way! iYURA is a 100% natural, authentic Ayurvedic skin care brand that brings you closer to ancient beauty recipes in a modern way. If a product is from iYURA, then it is pure, effective, natural and just looks fascinating. In addition to the great results and the true blessings of nature, iYURA also highlights the beauty of hand-painted works of art that were created in the ancient Indian tradition of Madhubani painting. 

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What distinguishes iYURA as an Ayurvedic brand from others? 

iYURA offers pure, authentic, traditional Ayurveda in a modern, user-friendly, appealing format at reasonable prices with results that are not empty promises - the wonderful radiance on your face is proof of this. iYURA is 100% natural, 100% Ayurvedic and it works! For the connoisseur, iYURA's look and personality embodies the beauty of the results, the splendor of the roots and the extraordinary purity of the ingredients. For others, it's their Ayurvedic, 100% natural favorite brand and embodies skin care that works. 

iYURA ingredients 

iYURA contains only the highest quality, pure, authentic Ayurvedic herbs that lead to the result that is expected of them. We only process the ingredients that were recommended in the old Ayurvedic texts, and then check the modern specialist literature to ensure that safety is guaranteed and to assess the effect.
NO - not all herbs are organic, most are wild. Why? It is often very difficult to find all herbs for every recipe. However, every single ingredient goes through a strict quality control - first by hand by experienced Ayurveda practitioners and only after their organoleptic approval they are tested in laboratories to ensure that it is the right herb and contains no pesticides or toxic heavy metals. 
You will never find an inferior ingredient in the recipes at iYURA. 

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The three iYURA guarantees 


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30-day money back guarantee 


100% natural ingredients 

Your purchase is 100% risk-free because we guarantee your satisfaction: if you are not convinced of the effectiveness of our products, we will give you your money back. Convince yourself now of the power of Ayurveda. 

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