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Is menopausal hair loss

Find out Rhyana’s secret to getting thicker,
fuller hair in her 60s. CHANGE

Extreme hormonal changes, mood swings, intense dehydration, hot flashes- there's a LOT to deal with when it comes to menopause and very little talk of how to actually do it. When it comes to hair the impact is visible, more strands on the pillow, in the brush, in the shower drain and less and less volume by the day. And while it’s a natural process of aging, there is a natural solution, tested over centuries, vouched for by millions of women and proven successful by glowing reviews, just like Rhyana’s.

The best-kept ancient secret to a glorious mane revealed!

Hair Oiling with an authentic Ayurvedic hair oil- 1 simple step. 3 hair transforming benefits.

From the land of Ayurveda (the holistic science of wellbeing practiced over 5000 years ago), an ancient haircare practice that has been passed down from generations. Hair Oiling is a nourishing ritual that can revive dull, dry and damaged hair, no matter the age. Even though it may appear to be wildly popular these days, it still remains a ‘secret’ because very few people know the exact way to oil their hair and far fewer manage to find the right oil that can truly show results. 

#1 The ultimate way to stimulate the scalp and nourish the hair from deep within

Scalp care is where game-changing results really come from. You may be applying the best shampoos and conditioners, marketed for damaged or dehydrated hair, but these products will only give temporary results, as they do not penetrate deep into the scalp. A traditional oil massage using an authentic Ayurvedic oil helps stimulate the scalp, improves blood circulation and ensures that nutrients are absorbed to give you the best results.

#2 A healthy dose of hydration to tame dry tresses and add a luxurious shine

Did you know that oiling hair could increase its tensile strength? So, for all those tired of battling frizz, dry and brittle hair, this could be that 3-in1 formula that you’ve been looking for. An effective hair oil comes fully loaded with plenty of fatty acids, it helps coat the hair shaft, giving it a protective barrier against damage and prevents moisture loss. Whereas the intense nourishment and hydration through the oil helps give your hair a dazzling shine.  

#3 The right blend can dramatically transform hair by improving strength and volume  

Now here’s where the real magic happens. The right blend of hair oil is what is key to achieving visible results. And while the market is flooded with hair oils, picking an authentic Ayurvedic Oil that has been cooked to release the maximum nutrients, made using the purest ingredients and infused with herbs that stimulate hair growth is the perfect match to revive your hair.  

The hair oil that does it all. The authentic Ayurvedic Hair Oil, that reinvigorated Rhyana’s hair post-menopause also helped transform the hair health of lots of other women dealing with the same hair concerns.

Several women in the Europe have reported their experience of reaching their hair goals post their 50s, such as: 

Thicker and more voluminous hair


Restored luster of hair, glossy, shiny tresses 


Visibly soft and nourished hair


Well hydrated hair, reduced frizz, healthier overall appearance


Less hair on the pillow/bathroom floor/in the hairbrush- stronger hair


Keranya Hair Oil, a potent blend of 10 powerful herbs and oils, crafted to give superior hydration and nourishment, specially formulated for damaged, mature hair. Made in an authentic Ayurvedic way by following the ancient scriptures is what makes this oil so special. Ayurveda understands the power of combining herbs that are known “hair legends” tested over centuries, they’re the ingredients that bring out the best properties in each other and increase bioavailability for enhanced absorption and corresponding results. Think of it as the best team of hair care professionals, all at your beck and call, right in a bottle.   

  • Coconut oil intensively nourishes hair and actively fights and tames frizz 
  • Black Seed boosts nutrient-delivery and strengthens hair from the roots, more hair on the head and less hair left behind in the hairbrush 
  • False Daisy takes your hair from limp to luscious by volumizing
  • Indian Gooseberry enriches the hair with essential vitamins and minerals to add a dazzling shine
  • The unique blend of oils improves the overall appearance of hair making them look thicker and stronger 

The hair oil that made these women fall in love with their hair post-menopause

“I used the Keranya Pure Black Seed Potent Hair Potion the very first day I received it. The aroma was so sweet and beautiful as I applied it to my hair. After leaving it on for 30 minutes then shampooing my hair I immediately felt my hair was thicker and softer. It enhanced my curls and I had a luxurious shine I haven't had for many years.” 

-Mina m.

“The hair potion is not greasy which i really like. I usually leave it on overnight and wouldnt if it were oily and staining. I used to find hair everywhere; on my person, clothes, floor, bed and even furniture that i sit on. Im so grateful that it has almost totally stopped. Thank you for such a wonderful product.” 

-linda l

Thinning, shedding hair with age is natural. But so is the solution that could get you thicker, stronger hair. 

The natural ingredients that make a potent hair health formula

Black Seed
(Nigella Sativa)  

The superstar ingredient for super strong hair

Also known as Black Cumin, it contains a good amount of thymoquinone which helps protect against protein damage. It’s got superpowers when it comes to promoting healthy hair as it helps improve the appearance of damaged hair, smoothens and even adds a glossy shine.With just a few drops it can intensively moisturize the scalp and seal in moisture in the hair shafts as it is rich in fatty amino acids too. Most importantly, it creates a healthy scalp biome that supports a favorable ecosystem for the hair to grow. It’s a go-to for shine, strength, volume and texture. 

(False Daisy) 

The epic hair herb with a history of 5000 years of results

It’s no wonder that this is the most common ingredient in Indian haircare, the results speak volumes for themself (pun intended). Trusted by Ayurveda for its properties that help promote a healthy scalp, strengthens hair and adds a shineto those tresses. It is extremely rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, proteins and phytonutrients. It truly is a magical herb with miraculous benefits. A massage with Bhringraj helps activate hair follicles and boosts circulation. It’s everything your hair needs. No surprises then that it basically helps you achieve all your hair goals.  

Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Vitamin C

The all-rounder for shiny hair

Did you know that this power-packed berry has 8 times more Vitamin C than an orange? It dons multiple hats, a destroyer of embarrassing flakiness, supporter of shine, a vanguard of volume. It’s an all-rounder when it comes to everything hair, nourishing your scalp and strengthening your hair for a dazzling shine every step of the way. This trifecta of Black Seed, Bhringraj and Amla provides triple the benefits for achieving luscious hair. But that’s not all, it’s also got... 

Rice Bran Oil  

Commonly used for cooking, Rice Bran Oil has a lot of not so commonly known hair care benefits. It is packed with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and vitamin E- a combination of well-known nourishers. It’s a fierce frizz fighter as it keeps the hair follicles healthy, more manageable and also makes the hair appear thicker. 


A wonder herb to unleash those luscious locks. Licorice has mystical demulcent properties, which basically means that its superpower is relieving irritation through its soothing nature. It calms a dry, flaky scalp; stimulates blood flow and even helps open up the pores in the scalp to give it that ultra-deep cleanse that it craves. The best part? It does all of this without drying the scalp, all while helping maintain its natural oils. What a keeper! Ps: That's not all. It’s got a few more revered hair care ingredients that have been trusted for centuries for their unparalleled benefits.

Made in an authentic Ayurvedic formulation, for proven results, at any age  

First things first, Ayurvedic therapies are rooted in the principle that anything applied to the body is of great significance because the properties of the product can seep into our body through the skin. Which is why it’s extremely important to use products that are safe and do not contain harmful chemicals or synthetics. This is especially important as the skin gets even more sensitive as we age.   

Extracting the beneficial properties from botany is a delicate process. Ayurveda’s foundational principles expound methods that help preserve the efficacy of a plant’s vitamins and minerals, which means no chemical process, no nasties. Authentic Ayurvedic practices use the methods of handpicking ingredients, cooking the oils to release maximum nutrients and infusing potent herbs. Each and every herb has a unique journey of formulation, which is followed as prescribed in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion
Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion

Keranya Black Seed Hair Potion

👒 Adds bravery to your tresses for a stronger looking hair
👒 The right dosage of Amla keeps the strands looking chic and shiny!
👒 Helps your scalp master the art of balanced moisturization with the superior blend of 3 base oils – Coconut, Rice Bran and Sesame
👒 Gives the added advantage of improvement in hair texture – owing to the presence of Bhringraj in the formula
👒 Is a suitable unisex hair oil for anybody tired of leaving hair as imprint wherever they sit!
👒 A no-tint, no-stain, no-nonsense formula with the natural aroma of cedarwood, clove and lemon 

Size: 100 ml

100% Natural and Ayurvedic.


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Works like magic. Rooted in science. ​

It’s not just another trending hair oil. It is an authentic Ayurvedic formulation that goes back centuries,
a unique blend of the most powerful ingredients that enrich the hair from within.

Experience the joy of healthy hair like these women have: 

“My hair gets thinner. Every time I comb my hair and take shower , I could see strands of hair on the floor. When I used Keranya Pure Black seed Potent Hair Potion, my hair becomes strong ,shiny and easy to comb. My husband likes it too.”  

“Wonderful product that preforms exactly as promised! What a joy to discover a product making such a difference that you cannot help but notice - even when you aren’t looking for it. This is that product! The improvement in body and luster is a remarkable feat and the results are noticeable. After sharing it with my daughters over our holiday trip, I can add that it works successfully for all age and types of hair as well!” 

“I would recommend this product to EVERYONE, and I have been. This product works instantly. My hair is thicker, shinier, and smoother after the first use. I have very wavy hair and it keeps my hair from looking too frizzy.” 

For those who like to get to the root of it. Here’s everything else you need to know.  

For those who like to get to the root of it. Here’s everything else you need to know.  

Our goal is to make you fall in love with your hair all over again. And we're going to be here for you every step, doubt and question along the way.   

1. Will it weigh down my hair?

No way. We've crafted this special oil blend in a super lightweight formula, with an almost watery consistency, so your hair get the nourishment they deserve without being weighed down.

2. Will it leave a tint on my hair or scalp?

Not at all. This unique blend comes in a colorless formula. The only thing it'll leave behind is soft, shiny, thick hair.   

3. Does it have a strong smell? 

A big no. We want you to have the strongest hair of your dreams and not become a human repellent while you get there. Keranya hair oil has a mild, herbaceous, earthy smell that’ll instantly transport you to an enchanted forest. True to its roots, you can literally smell the Black Seed (Nigella Sativa), the living proof of its authenticity.

4. Does it work on blonde/brunette/colored/red/whateveryourhaircoloris hair?

Absolutely. The Keranya Hair Oil means business- and we mean real, deep, intensive nourishment for ALL hair types and colors.