Yauvari Youth Spring - Protein Enriched VEGAN Serum  The ultimate fountain of youth for softness and radiance for ageing skin 

  • Firming and toning action
  • The skin is supple, radiant
    and fresh
  • Strengthens and tones skin suffering from the signs of aggressive aging
  • Unique aroma of incense, neroli and lime

Yauvari Youth Spring - For Mature, Dry, Ageing Skin- pour les peaux sèches, matures et vieillissantesSérum VÉGÉTALIEN enrichi en protéinesLa fontaine ultime de jouvence pour la douceur et l'éclat de la peau vieillissante

  • Firming and toning action
  • The skin is supple, radiant and fresh.
  • Strengthens and tones skin suffering from the signs of aggressive ageing
  • Unique aroma of incense, neroli and lime.
day and night duo

Balaayah Black Gram Booster

Rich Body Massage Oil for Velvety feeling Skin

A rich, balm-like sensation. Meditative frankincense and warming vanilla create an intoxicating medley that leaves behind a spiritual after-scent and ultra-moisturized yet non-sticky skin.

black gram duo

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Brighten, Soothe and Firm Under-Eyes with Manjistha, Aloe Vera, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid

Reduce the Look of Sad, Wrinkled Under-Eyes + Brighten + Firm + Moisturize the First-to-Show-Aging Area on Your Face! 

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir

Glow-Giving, Even Toning and Complexion Supporting Nighttime Facial Massage Oil

The key ingredient of this oil is Manjishtha or Indian Madder which gives this amazing elixir its beautiful color. Manjistha is fantastic for the skin and is found in several Ayurvedic formulations! For those familiar with Ayurveda, this oil is very Pitta and Kapha balancing, which means it's soothing and calming.

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil

Ayurveda's secret for bringing out your inner radiance

Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil is a traditionally produced oil that embraces the secrets of nature, it is made according to the classic principles of Ayurveda via a long and laborious process using valuable natural ayurvedic ingredients that pamper your skin.

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Blavana Ultra-Rich
Youth-Boost Face Pommade for Ageing Skin

Keep the cold from sucking the softeness out of your skin without any stickiness and heaviness

The Age-Old ‘Age-Hold’ Complex that’s been hidden inside the Ayurvedic Chest of Herbs and some kitchens in India for over 5000 years is here! 

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Yauvari Youth Spring - For Mature, Dry, Ageing Skin

iYURA's First Neck-Face-Décolleté Protein-Serum

Yauvari contains within itself the wholesome magic with which nature works, in secret. There are no extracts/chemical compounds pulled out and applied onto the skin with increased concentration or in combination with other broken-down elements of nature forcefully brought together by man. 

Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Sandalwood Rose Age Defying Eye Butter

Ayurveda’s Night-Time Nirvana for tired-looking, tender under-eyes

When it comes to ensuring superior, effective eye care and flaunting those stunning, ageless eyes, you won’t want to look beyond this AGE-DEFYING NIRVANA for mature under-eye skin.