Reveal an Even-Toned, Brightened and Illuminated Complexion with this VEGAN Nigella Sativa Ayurvedic Skin Specialist, made specially to brighten and even-tone complexion!



Ayurveda’s Triple-Black Brightening Specialist for Skin that lacks lustre and brilliance

This Facial Potion is made up of the iconic Black Seed-Trio: Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa), Black Cumin Seed and Black Sesame Seed, all three known in Ayurveda for their clarifying and brightening effects on skin!

  • Improve your skin’s natural complexion and bid adieu to the look of uneven spots or blemishes to flaunt a more even-toned appearance
  • Tighten the look of large pores without the appearance of dark, oily spots 
  • Proffer upon your skin a matte-finish – neither too dry nor too oily, and the brightness of a million stars!
  • Best suited for oily or combination skin types – BUT – when mixed with iYURA’s intensely moisturising oils, dry and ageing skin get ALL of Nigella Sativa’s benefits too, and more!
  • The Black Seed Trio boosts skin’s ability to fight stressors from outside
  • Even works as an excellent cleansing oil due to Nigella Sativa’s deep-cleansing properties. AAll you need are a few drops to wipe off that excess makeup!
  • A multi-use, agile face oil for cleansing, purifying, brightening and even-toning!
Get this Nigella Sativa Specialist Brightening Oil, NOW!

Brightening and Even-Toning

Skin supple, glowy and 'bouncy'

Firms the appearance of ageing

Unique aroma of Rose and Geranium


‘Very Smooth Skin!

As a woman with mature skin, I need oils as a base of moisturisation. This makes my skin hydrated and smooth. It is a earthy fragrance but the scent dissipates. My makeup goes on smooth, my pores look less and lasts all day. My skin looks great even without makeup.’

-Karen V 


‘Great Product!

Have been using this along with other products from this company and I love this oil. All there oils are great and natural. This one goes on nice and light, absorbs quickly. I wake to a brighter skin next day.’

- Parul S


‘Wow... Love this Product!
Purchased Varanya Pure Black Seed Even-Toning Facial Potion, not sure what to expect! I was looking for something to help with my large pores... well, I’m loving it so far! I also purchased a few other oils and they’re also making my skin look smoother and more evens out! I LOVE how my skin feels after applying... but it did take me a few days to figure out how I liked using them, and in what order etc!! I WILL be buying these oils again... although, it’s probably going to be quite a while bc I’ve barely made a dent in my full sized bottles!! WIN WIN😁👍’ 

-Kimberly B


30-Days Money-back guarantee


on all orders above £24




The powerful constituent of this uber-brightening facial potion is the ingredient that has been in use in kitchens worldwide to season curries, breads, rice and even sweet confections!

A triangular, pyramid-shaped seed that has very recently deeply swayed away the world of skincare with its charm!

Who would have thought that within the grasp of these miniscule seeds lie the power to all skincare woes that skin clarifying serums have been trying to solve for decades now!

Nigella Sativa – The MIRACLE seed that all skin-clarifying buffs have been waiting for! 

According to the sages, Nigella Sativa is chock-full of nature’s goodness—so much so that the sages took to calling it the ‘seed-of-blessing'—and that’s exactly why it is among the best skin-clarifiers!

What exactly is the Nigella Brightening-Effect?

Well, let's break it to you - Brightening does not mean lightening or fading or at its most extreme cases – Bleaching. It also does not mean blockage of pigment production.

According to Ayurvedic skincare principles, Brightening simply means striking that much-coveted balance between a dry and oily exterior – in a manner that your skin radiates a matte-like sheen.

It also means bringing life to dull-looking skin and getting rid of those greasy-looking, slicky spots that could have made their way in, over the years...

From narrowing the look of the signs of ageing, to soothing the pesky, spotty look on your face, to ensuring a uniform overall skin tone, Nigella Sativa is your one-pot-solution for all things skin! And rightly so, Ayurveda counts Nigella as one of the top-herbs in its chest of powerful herbs!

The oil derived from these teeny-weeny seeds also helps kick up the quality of your skin by a notch, by proffering a much brighter-looking, illumined, subtle glow to the facial skin.

Additionally, Nigella is also known to offer a lending hand to skin that’s troubled by frequent flare-ups, bumps that tend to be caused by excessive oil production.

This star ingredient shines bright and works tirelessly to make your skin lusciously soft and gives you a fireball-like glow in the dark night and even in the bright light of the day by way of this miraculous skin potion.


Pleasantly surprised

"After reading Henna Artist and learning a bit about India, and different herb mixtures I thought I’d give Ayurveda a try. And after about a couple of weeks I started to notice a difference. My skin looked more even and brighter. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. It seems like I don’t need as much foundation, and some days none, wow! I’m 76 and really enjoying your products! I think I’m hooked!"  

- Cathy S


Renewed Skin Tone!

Started to use the Varanya Pure Black Seed Even-Toning Facial Potion, and love it. I love the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking fresh. I use this by itself, or combine it with the other products I’ve been using from Ayurveda. Love all their products! 💓👍  

- Ricanel D


A beautiful oil

"This oil perfects your skin. It is light and delicately scented. After using it for a fairly short time it made a big difference in the clarity, brightness and firmness of my skin. I would be surprised, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, to see how good my skin looked."  

- Lisa J


30-Days Money-back guarantee


on all orders above £24



Varanya is completely clear without any tint. It is also extremely light in weight, feel and texture – and absorbs into your skin in a jiffy – almost as if quenching your skin’s innermost thirst!

This oil with its exhilarating benefits pays heed to the soul-yearning plea of the skin for serenity and balance - to rest, to repair and rejuvenate and to glisten through with a healthy, supple glow!

Unlike other skincare solutions in the market that claim to do much more than they can - this Facial Potion actually works!

What Else Does This Nigella Brightening-Specialist Contain?

Varanya brings the powers of Triple-Cumin Trio: Black Seed Oil, Cumin Seed and Black Cumin - Also known in Ayurveda as 'Jeerakatray’ because of their similar properties, along with Indian Mustard in a unique, never-seen-before blend of 3 base oils: Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil and Sesame Oil – all for skin that looks clear, bright & iridescent-looking, and touches the right number on the balance scale!

Cumin Seed 

Otherwise known as ‘Jeera’, this deliciously aromatic spice is excellent for improving skin’s texture and tone, all-together, for a tantalizingly beautiful appearance!

It is also extremely beneficial in being a coolness-imparting mate for your angry skin every time it breaks out or gets annoyed. As a result, Cumin enhances dry and dull-looking skin for a happy, free and flawless appearance. This luxurious spice is also the best ingredient that lends your skin a soft, lightened look without the appearance of blemishes, spots and pigments for a fresh makeover-like feel.  

Traditionally, bathing using water sprinkled with cumin seeds has been recommended for soothing irritated skin. 

Black Cumin 

This aromatic herb infused with a characteristic scent creates a stunning effect on skin when combined with the goodness of Indian Mustard. Also known as Black Caraway, this ancient spice is the perfect key to balance Kapha dosha which is responsible for oily-looking skin.

In addition to it, Black Cumin is also ultra-hydrating and intensely clarifying in nature that it leaves skin looking smooth, supple and soft.

The enticing effects of Black Cumin don't stop there. It nourishes skin from the inside for a perfectly harmonizing effect that you seldom get from other ingredients. Besides, it also promotes regeneration and restoration of youthful-looking skin that facilitates a visibly brightened appearance.

It also contains natural compounds that effectively enhance your skin’s radiance so much so that it catches the light without any extra polishing effects!

With its commendable properties, Black Cumin stimulates and enhances the appearance of your skin for a rich and invigorating look. 

Indian Mustard 

Indian Mustard is so good as a skincare ingredient that it’s also recommended in Ayurveda to be used as a stand-alone remedy for common skin issues.

Because of its vehement aroma, Ayurveda calls it a ‘Teekshana Gandha’. It pacifies both Vata and Kapha Doshas.

Massaging the goodness of this ultra-rich and nutritious ingredient helps soothe away every stress as if you’re away on vacation!

In Ayurveda, it is known to have three very important qualities -

‘Ushna’: The quality of an ingredient to keep moisture intact
‘Ruksha’: The quality of an ingredient to tone down an oily appearance
‘Laghu’: The quality of an ingredient to be extremely light on skin

Indian Mustard also provides superb support in keeping the sun out of your face when it’s too hot while also helping with brightening the tone and look of your skin.

It lightens your appearance for a perfect glowy sheen with its wholesome care. This herb is a must-have ingredient if you’re looking to revamp your appearance for a smooth, lustrous and clear face. 

Rice Bran Oil 

Extracted from the inner husk of rice, Rice Bran Oil contains Vitamins B and E which not just hydrate the skin and keep it moisturized, but also makes the skin look supple, glowy and ‘bouncy’.

The benefits don’t stop there!

It also contains squalene which is known to impart a young and smooth-looking, fresh glow to the skin.   

Sunflower Seed Oil 

Pressed from the seeds of Sunflower, this constituent of Varanya’s base oil is an all-rounder oil that can be used by all skin types! Most importantly, it is non-irritant in nature, does not even clog your pores and gets absorbed by your skin in a jiffy. According to Ayurveda, it is Tridoshic, which means it can help mitigate all 3 Doshas.

Rich in Oleic Acid, Vitamin E, Sesamol and Linoleic Acid, Sunflower seed oil serves as the perfect base oil for a skincare product aiming to serve all kinds of skin and helps maintain a balanced skin tone.

The Vitamin E in the oil assist skin in fighting the stressors in the environment, especially sun’s damaging effects and preserve the younger-look of the skin, quite successfully. Wonderful how the oil from the seeds of the flower so attracted towards the sun can also help protect skin from it!  

Sesame Seed Oil 

Ayurveda calls it the ‘Queen of Oilseeds’ and for all the right reasons! In all Ayurvedic texts, Sesame Seed Oil is considered to be best oil amongst all because of its ‘Yogavahi’ property – which refers to its ability to enhance the powers of the herbs infused in it without losing them, along with its own and bring forth a formulation with all possible benefits for skin!

Sesame oil, in Ayurveda, is especially known for its stable and light nature, its powers to enhance the appearance of the complexion, promoting healthy skin and pacifying Vata Dosha, an increase in which causes signs of aging to appear.

The active agents in Sesame Oil - Sesamin, Sesamolin, Sesamol, their Glucosylated form Sesaminol Glucosides and Tocopherol which gives the oil its stability and improves its shelf life!


Rice Bran Oil [Oryza Sativa], Sunflower Oil [Helianthus Annuus], Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum], Black Seed Oil [Nigella Sativa], Black Sesame Seed [Sesamum Indicum], Cumin Seed [Cuminum Cyminum], Indian Mustard [Brassica Juncea], Black Cumin [Bunium Persicum], Essential Oil of Rose [Rosa Damascena] and Geranium [Pelargonium Graveolens] 

100% Natural | VEGAN | No Additives, Binders or Preservatives  

Quantity: 1 fl oz (30 ml)  


With other iYURA Face Oils 

The Nigella Sativa in the Brightening Specialist Oil is also known for its compatibility and synergy with other Ayurvedic herbs and spices and increasing their moisturization score without seeming too overwhelming.

While using iYURA’s oils for Dry, Aging and Mature Skin types like Yauvari Amplified Youth-Spring, Kesaradi Oil and Prinourish Skin Enriching Superfood Serum, mix 1 pump of Varanya to your daily usage and apply it thoroughly on your face, neck and décolleté - areas that are most prone to signs of aging and dryness.

Massage for about 5-6 minutes in upwards and outwards strokes and forehead in circular strokes until the oil gets fully absorbed.

Along with a firm, toned and nourished appearance, you will also start noticing a healthier, raw glow with every passing day! 

As a makeup removing oil 

Black Cumin and Indian Mustard Seeds in the oil are known in Ayurveda for their purifying qualities and their expertise in removing leftover residue.

Take a pump of Varanya on a cotton pad and use it to remove your foundation or cakey-make up, like you would with a makeup remover. Do not rub vigorously as it may thin and irritate your skin.

We do not recommend applying it around your eyes, however, because of the presence of powerful herbs in the oil.  

As a stand-alone brightening and clarifying facial potion 

Need we say more about this unique potion’s powerful ingredients that lends it the much-coveted brightening power?  

For daily, stand-alone use, take a pump of Varanya in your palm and apply it thoroughly on your face and neck. You might see the oil gets absorbed by your skin very quickly.  

Massage until fully absorbed.

Did You Know?

Varanya derives its name from the Ayurvedic Sanskrit word 'Varnya' which refers to a group of herbs with powers to enhance the look of your skin along with adding radiance or luminescence!

Varanya truly is a treasury of Varnyas!  

Are you wondering if this Facial Potion is right for you?  

Sole Nigella-Specialist

Unique blend 

multi-use face potion

balances skin

extremely light

works for all skin


While all our iYURA oils are pure wonders and pleasure to behold, Varanya holds a special place in your face care shelf, purely because of the Triple-Black Trio in it and the unique benefits it brings along with it.

Varanya is iYURA’s First Face Oil that:

  • Is a sole Nigella-Specialist – with all the balancing, clarifying and brightening powers of Nigella Sativa  
  • Is a multi-use face potion – Mix it with other dry, aging skin oils, use it as stand-alone face potion or even use it to clean your make-up residues!  
  • Helps keep skin in the right kind of balance – neither too dry, nor too oily 
  • Contains a unique blend of Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil and Sesame Seed Oil as its base oils 
  • Is extremely light. It can even be used before applying the daily moisturizer. 
  • Works for all skin types – From dry to oily and everything in between. Best suited for oily and combination skin.
  • Is a STEAL at this price – with the myriad of benefits this single bottle contains! 


"I am using this oil from last two weeks regularly and the results are amazing. My skin feels so soft and the aroma is heavenly. I have stopped using my foundation as this gives me confidence to go without makeup. My skin looks bright and my brown spots are less visible... " 

- Karuna S. about other iYURA Face Oils 


The BEST facial oil to add to my moisturizer!!! 

"I have average to normal skin I'd say, with a few breakouts here and there, and of course some sun spots. I'm a native Floridian, let's put it that way!;) But this stuff is so well balanced with it's ingredients, that I use it religiously! Like daily, adding a few drops in with my already face moisturizer...every single morning and night, or any time AFTER I wash my face I should say.🚿 It leaves my dry skin quenched and looking so fresh & bright!😎 even after it's all done absorbed, it doesn't leave your face looking or feeling "over moisturized" at all, which you think would be a certainty when mixing and applying an already hydrating face oil & moisturizer together but it's not the case! And the scent is quite strong, definitely an acquired scent but I don't mind it at all! I love it lol probably because I've been using it for over a year now!!! I'll definitely purchase again,...🥰 Ayurveda NEVER disappoints! 💯" 

- Sarah H. about other iYURA Face Oils 


30-Days Money-back guarantee


on all orders above $28 USD



No additives or binders