A Complete Glow-Enhance Starter Pack for 'Lit-From-Within' Skin 

Made with Exotic Ayurvedic Herbs For Dull, Dehydrated, & Crepey Skin

The Ayurveda Experience's Glow-Enhance Starter Pack

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(at 15 % OFF)

New Trio of Customer-Favourite Face + Eye + Body Care Heroes
in 1 Single Kit for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin
from the Face to the Feet

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The Key to 'Lit-From-Within' Skin and Where to Find It!

The Key to
'Lit-From-Within' Skin and Where to Find It!

If you are over 45 or 50, you may have noticed that your skin doesn't seem as radiant or glowy as it did in your 20s anymore.

  • Has your complexion begun to look faded, lacking its usual colour and radiance, as if you haven’t been getting enough sleep?
  • Does you skin give off a dull, utterly sapped-looking appearance as if it’s lacking all vigour and vivacity?
  • Do these concerns—the ones you barely noticed in your 30s or 40s—extend not just to the face but to the under eyes, as well as your body?

And then, you go out looking for “real solutions”. You “invest” in luxury skincare, beginning with the multi-step routines they tell you about—and yet...

What you WANT is this—
Intense hydration as well as skin-deep, long-lasting moisture.

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But here’s what you GET
Something that only greases you up for a few hours, if not minutes at best.

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What you WANT is this—
To tighten and tone the look of saggy, crepey skin on the arms and legs.

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But here’s what you GET
A sludgy, sloppy mess that you can't wait to wash off in your morning shower, let alone dare to leave it on through the day.

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What you WANT is this—
To visibly-reduce under eye wrinkles, fine lines and even the crinkled skin around the eyes.

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But here’s what you GET
Something that cakes up, and instead of smoothing signs of ageing, makes them even more apparent!

Images (4).png__PID:65d3cdd8-5b62-4f4b-99df-b01ddff4b5fd

In short, all those promised results never come to bear.

To top it all you're made to feel as if it was YOU who did something wrong!

Wonder why it always turns out this way?

As we age collagen and elastin—key proteins that dictate everything from the skin's elasticity to its resilience—begin to dwindle. It is at this stage (say, when in you're in your 40s or past 45) that you must revise your outlook on contemporary skincare. As it is besides harsh, moisture-stripping ingredients and acerbic actives, all you seem to get from them—for all your hard-earned money—is but a distant dream.

But remember, the dream of getting back the kind of glow you had in your 20s doesn't have to remain one!

'Great. But how do I achieve this?'

See, for us skincare has more to do with empowering your skin to look its best without any superficial intervention—so no hiding away perceived flaws behind a bunch of tacked-on, flimsy effects. No excessive moisture, and certainly no superficial ‘glow’ that makes your natural tone a shade or two lighter.

For dewy-fresh, deep + intense moisture (on-top, as well as underneath the skin’s many layers) and that kind of radiant you-just-got-a-facial glow—here's...

... our COMPLETE GLOW-ENHANCER PACK for 'Lit-From-Within' Skin!

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Wondering what makes it all possible?

Well, this assortment features some of the most versatile and uniquely-gifted ingredients from nature’s arsenal—exotic, potent and oh-so gentle for mature skin—for that natural, persistent kind of glow that fetches you never-ending compliments!Plus, silky-smooth texture, the kind that you can’t help but unconsciously glide your fingertips over and over!

That’s what we mean when we say 'Lit-From-Within'. And we’re sure it’s something you want too!

But first...
... let’s get familiar with the revered herbs that have garnered the devotion of a million+ customers across the globe—not to mention—proven their mettle for over 5,000 years!



Nature’s Best Radiance-Reviver + Complexion-Enhancer Par Extraordinaire

If there’s any 1 natural ingredient that has both withstood the test of time (over 5,000 years and counting) in spite of the rigours of modern-day scientific scrutiny, it is none other than turmeric—aka Ayurveda's ‘Golden Spice’.
Even today the sheer power of this herb continues to astound—evidenced by the countless articles extolling all its benefits, and the recent studies that are funded both to understand, as well as harness its true prowess.

But while it indeed boasts numerous health benefits, does it have any notable effects on one’s skin?

More than you can imagine!

And the West, it seems, has started to catch on. You'll find numerous ‘Turmeric-enhanced’ products both online as well as on pharmacy shelves, yet all they have to offer are miniscule quantities of turmeric extracts or turmeric-based essential oils.

Why? One word. Bioavailability.

Chemically-isolating Turmeric reduces its bioavailability, significantly. Whereas, practitioners of Ayurveda long knew how to stop that from happening, i.e. by using an unctuous base!This is why only Ayurvedic methods are able to extract its goodness in full. Pulp, bark, skin, & shaft—each part gets cooked for 100s of hours with other herbs to bring out its full potential.

Including, but not limited to...

  • Its ability to clarify + lend a subtle glow
  • Its ability to imbue radiance into dull-looking skin
  • Its ability to expertly even-tone patchy skin with irregular pigmentation


Nature's star glow-enhancer and moisture-reviver par excellence!

It’s staggering to think that nearly 5 millennia ago, ancient sages had written authoritative treatises on what would go on to become Ayurveda, the science of wellness. These texts not only had detailed ingredient descriptions said to offer various health-related benefits but also contained numerous appearance-related perks (to the sages though, the subject of one’s health & appearance was never mutually exclusive).
One such highly-revered ingredient is Manjishtha or Indian Madder (Rubio Cordifolia).


But what makes this all-too-wonderous ‘complexion-saviour' so exotic?

Manjishtha is among several Ayurvedic ingredients that contemporary skincare remains unfamiliar with, since only through Ayurvedic methods one can truly extract its goodness to full effect.

As such, Manjishtha remains the all-natural herb of choice for those seeking a clear, clean look!

And one look at its multitude of benefits and easy to see why...

  • Its ability to imbue intense moisture + natural glow into dull, dry, & dehydrated skin
  • Its ability to brighten and sooth pigmented, sensitive skin
  • Its ability to expertly even-tone dull-looking, lacklustre skin


An intensely-nourishing, quick-to-absorb natural ingredient that not only imbues radiance into skin but also makes it visibly-firmer, leaving it soft to the touch, with no grimy residue!

There is a reason why this little lentil is among the best ingredients that nature has bestowed upon mankind. While its soups, stews, and delicious dahls may delight our bellies, for skincare— no modern active can come even close to matching its versatility!
Not only does it plump-up, and intensely hydrate saggy, crepey skin it also deeply quenches it, as well as offer it that taut, ‘lifted’ look with a touch of dazzling radiance.
What’s more? It does that all day long!

If that's the case, why haven't I heard about it?

When it comes to skincare, mainstream beauty brands are yet to tap into Black Gram’s true prowess.

Though, we only needed to look towards Ayurveda, the science of wellness. Its practitioners have known Black Gram's secrets from ancient times. And that’s why the 5,000-year-old science of wellness venerates Black Gram.

Its ancient recipes consider it a crucial component for treating a plethora of concerns, but for the skin in particular, these range from...

  • Its ability to impart unmatched unctuousness to parched, moisture-sapped skin!
  • Its ability to imbue intense nourishmentto the skin layers from within!
  • Its ability to impart a healthy-looking glow + renewed softness + elasticity!

This Unmissable Set Combines Authentic, All-Natural
Face + Body + Eye Care formulations that:

1. Give Silky-Soft, Shimmering Facial Skin in Just a Few Drops
2. Revive Long-Subdued Lustre in Mature Skin
3. Imbue Instant, Day-Long Moisture from Face-to-Feet
4. Leave Parched Skin Ultra-Moisturised, yet Non-Sticky
5. Brighten, Firm + Smoothen-Out Periorbital skin

Made of highest-quality ingredients this new, all-natural trio of authentic Ayurvedic skincare solutions from the house of The Ayurveda Experience is just what your skin needs to upgrade its look and feel!

All formulations are made as authentically as possible, using methods detailed in ancient Ayurvedic texts—though, only after ensuring every ingredient has undergone stringent checks to assess for effects, purity, and safety. And that’s what makes them oh-so gentle-yet-potent on mature skin, giving it the utmost level of care.


“Amazing Results ...
this is definitely the way forward. I have been using your face and body products for awhile now, I have noticed how much they have improved my skin. I can highly recommend this company, their products are wonderful. I will certainly be buying again, I’m obsessed with the scents and textures, and love the results ... ”
-Angela L.

Here’s What this Must-Have Assortment Contains:

1. Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil

Glow-Boosting, Even-Toning, Ultra-Moisturising Elixir for a Sunny, Radiant Complexion!

bharanyu art.png__PID:55ca6d97-f279-4228-8a6c-31b060f1c615bharanyu art.png__PID:55ca6d97-f279-4228-8a6c-31b060f1c615

A VEGAN, All-Natural, Ayurvedic Face Oil that imbues deep moisture, dewy freshness & a SUN-KISSED glow into dry, dehydrated skin

  • Radiant, uplifting drops that go on oh-so smoothly and leave your skin feeling silky-soft and shimmery
  • Loaded with ‘golden root’ Turmeric’s potent powers that revive long-subdued lustre in mature skin
  • Instant, day-long intense moisture that keeps your skin comfortable throughout the day
  • Leaves a rousing Turmeric + Cinnamon scent that lets your ultra-moisturised skin bask all-day in its powdery warm, earthy, and spicy-sweet embrace

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Sesame Oil [Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil], Manjistha [Rubia Cordifolia Stem Extract], turmeric [Curcuma Longa Rhizome Extract], Symplocos Tree [Symplocos Racemosa Stem, Bark Extract], nut Grass [Cyperus Rotundus Rhizome Extract], cinnamon [Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract], amla [Emblica Officinalis Fruit Extract], beleric Myrobalan [Terminalia Belerica Fruit Extract], chebulic Myrobalan [Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract], Thatch Screwpine [Pandanus Tectorius Root Extract], indian Banyan [Ficus Bengalensis Root (Aerial) Extract], swamp Mallow [Pavonia Odorata Root Extract]


“Sunshine in a Bottle!
I have been using the Radiance oil for a couple of weeks now and I cannot believe what a difference it has made to my skin. Upon application, this fabulous oil gives your skin a wonderful, natural glow, without appearing greasy or tacky. It literally melts into your skin and your face begins to glow! Also, a little goes a long way, so cost effective too.” -Hayley E.


“Gold in a Bottle
It’s wonderful and leaves your skin very soft with a Golden glow almost looking sun kissed.”
-Suzy C.



2. Balaayah Black Gram Booster

Rich Ayurvedic Body Massage Oil for Robust, Velvety-Looking and not to mention Radiant, Shimmery Skin


Endow flaky, saggy, & crepey mature skin across your arms, legs, hands & feet with a radiant, shimmery glow with this all-natural, VEGAN + AYURVEDIC Body Oil

  • Makes dry, dehydrated skin feel hydrated, dewy-fresh, and supported from head-to-toe
  • Gives instant, day-long moisture to parched skin from face to feet
  • You feel strong, supported, cared for, and-luxurious through the day!
  • Meditative frankincense and warming vanilla create an intoxicating medley that leaves behind a spiritual after-scent and ultra-moisturised yet non-sticky skin

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Country Mallow [Abutilon Indicum], Sesame oil [Sesamum Indicum], Black Gram [Vigna Mungo], Nutsedge [Cyperus Rotundus], Castor [Ricinus Communis], Rasna [Pluchea Lanceolata], Velvet Bean [Mucuna Pruriens], Dill seeds [Anethum Sowa], Himalayan Rock salt, Frankincense Essential Oil [Boswellia Serrata], Vanilla Essential Oil [Vanilla Planifolia]


“More than Pleased with the Results
Have noticed a significant difference in skin tone & have only used 1 month! Helping to reduce the look of crepey skin & know it's going to keep improving! Refreshing scent, very light application with no stickiness or tackiness afterwards. I highly suggest giving it a try!”
- Monica A.


“Fantastic Oil!
I am 60 and I have been fighting extreme dry skin for the last 4 years trying everything on the planet, extremely expensive creams as well as natural products. I even have patches of very dry skin. Finally after about a week or 10 days of using this oil the matter is resolved!! Love it and recommend it.”
-Suzi L.



3. Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion

Wispy Under-Eye Cream that Brightens + Firms Tender, Tired-Looking Skin in the Periorbital Region


Wispy, non-oily, velvet-matte finish Vegan cream that visibly brightens & firms skin in the entire periorbital region. A one-of-a-kind fusion of Ayurveda + modern Skin Science.

  • Unique ‘eye’-mulsion that tones, soothes, and moisturises periorbital skin to look brightened & firmer over time
  • Combines brightening, firming Niacinamide; plumping, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, and cooling, soothing Aloe Vera, along with Ayurvedic Mega-Herb Manjishtha
  • Applied in a ‘C-Pattern’ going up from your under eyes, covering the crow’s feet area, and across your entire eye-lids
  • Creamy but non-oily, velvet-matte finish that spreads evenly and leaves ZERO white-cast due to its neutral tone

FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Aqua (Water), Sesame (Sesamum Indicum) Seed Oil, Cetearyl Olivate Glycerin, Sorbitan Olivate, Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Wax, Niacinamide, Shea Butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Indian Madder (Rubia Cordifolia) Stem Extract, Sacred Lotus (Nelumbo Nucifera) Seed Extract, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Gel Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid, Rose (Rosa Damascena) Flower Oil, Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens) Flower Oil, Benzyl Alcohol, Geraniol Citronellol


“A Gem of a Find!
The area around my eyes has looked so much better since using the eyemulsion for the past 6 months. A quite noticeable deep laughter line has reduced quite considerably and I hardly need to use concealer for my dark circles. It's a definite keeper for me, and holds a permanent place in my make up bag!” -Rachel B.


“Very Impressive Results
I have been using this product twice daily for over 6 months and I am impressed with the results. My eyelids are smoother and the skin around my eyes is smoother and softer looking. I have used some famous brand eye creams in the past at more than 3 times the cost and the benefits have not been as noticeable. This is very good indeed.” -Suzi L.



The Ayurveda Experience Quality Guarantee

We assure that each batch is as consistent and uniform as possible; that the manufacturing process was accurate, and that our product will work as expected. The Ayurveda Experience has over 1,000,000 customers worldwide and is the first and only choice for those who are serious about what they’re putting on their skin, as well as long-term health.

3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet
3-Step Complexion-Enhance Set - for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin Face-to-Feet

Glow-Enhance Starter Pack—for Glowing, 'Lit-from-Within' Skin from Face-to-Feet

24hr Face + Body Care

  • Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil—for Sunny, Radiant-Looking Facial Skin

    Size: 30 ml
  • Balaayah Black Gram Booster—for Robust, Velvety-Looking Skin Head-to-Toe

    Size: 100 ml
  • Rufolia Periorbital Eyemulsion—for Visibly Brightened, Firmed Under-Eyes

    Size: 15g


You Save £15.75

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