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Youthful Glow

Ayurvedic Youth-Boosting Morning & Evening Face Oils, for Mature, Aging Skin 

A Day and Night nourishing set that moisturizes and minimizes the visible signs of aging like the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, saggy-looking crepey skin and brightens with a youthful glow! 

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Kesaradi Face Oil

Did you know that Kesaradi is iYURA's FIRST oil that was launched out to the world?! Yes, Kesaradi is as old as iYURA itself! 

With base oils cooked meticulously with a number of herbs, this is rightly called 'the beauty elixir'. Brightening and revitalizing in just 3 drops every day. 

Just take 3 drops of this oil every morning for instantly moisturized, glowing skin.



Day & Night Face Oil Duo

The perfect Ayurvedic day & night skincare regimen

Kesaradi Oil pairs wonderfully with Manjish Glow Elixir to complete your day and night skincare regimen. During the day, get added nutritive benefits from Kesaradi Oil and at night, let Manjish Glow Elixir work its magic!


  • Kesaradi Oil: Daily face oil
  • Manjish Glow Elixir: Night-time facial massage oil

Black Gram Face & Body Duo

Face & Body Moisturizers for Dry, Aging, Mature Skin with the Power of Black Gram 

Enrich your Face and Body with these Ayurvedic skin superstars vitalized by the power of Black Gram’s unguent, rich, thick, intensely moisturizing and strengthening nature to support dry, dehydrated and aging skin!


  • Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring
  • Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster

Rich, Vegan Body Oil for Dry Skin 

Balances effects of dryness, aging, the look of wrinkled skin and boosts strength. Balances Vata dosha. Perfect for daily use.

Specifically designed for dry skin to give ultra-moisturized yet non-sticky skin. 


Manjish Glow Elixir

Nighttime Facial Massage Oil

Manjish Glow Elixir works overnight as you sleep to give you clear-looking, firmed and uplifted skin so you wake up to glowing mornings.

Manjistha, the key ingredient of this oil, is fantastic for the skin and is found in several Ayurvedic formulations, used to give the skin an even-toned, clear appearance. 


Yauvari Amplified Youth Spring

iYURA's First Neck-Face-Décolleté Protein-Serum 

Get every pore bursting with the joy of youth with the ultimate unctuous, time-turning power of Black Gram in a rich, colorless, aromatic 'Youth Spring'!

Boost your skin with a distinct Ayurvedic blend of Black Gram, Rice Bran Oil, Ayurvedic herbs like Krishna Sariva and the leaves of Mango, Jamun and Bael, and the subtle, uplifting aroma of Frankincense, Neroli and Lime.  



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Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil

Ayurveda's secret radiance-boosting face oil

Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil is a traditionally produced oil that embraces the secrets of nature, it is made according to the classic principles of Ayurveda via a long and laborious process using valuable natural Ayurvedic ingredients that pamper your skin. 

The unique combination of Turmeric, Manjistha, Amla and Cinnamon will bring out your inner radiance and make you skin shine.


Prinourish Skin-Enriching Superfood Serum

Clear, Almost Colorless Formula for Lasting Moisturization and Glossy Effect 

An intense VEGAN formula, Prinourish is designed to add moisture to normal and combination skin and keep it glowing for a long duration. The oil is a unique blend of 4 rich oils that will have your skin’s back when it looks flaky and dehydrated! The 11 Ayurvedic herbs used in this formula carry some of the most potent traits that malnutritioned skin craves. 



Ajara Sandalwood Rose Eye Butter

Comes enriched with Ghee - the Elixir of Life, Sandalwood, Rose, Lavender, and Lemon Peel oil 

Apply just 1 dab of thisGolden Emollient for Mature Under-Eyes to luxuriously nourish, soothe and moisturize dry, aging under-eye skin, smooth the look of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, and rediscover the youthful glow under the eyes.


Eye-AM-Special Eye Care Duo

Moisturizing + Toning + Cooling

The Perfect Day and Night care for your tender under eye to moisturize it to PERFECTION!

  • Gifts you a much-desired respite from the premature aging look of the under-eye skin
  • Smooths & lightens the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and creepy skin
  • Minimizes the appearance of those morning mini-monsters - puffy eyes, eye bags, and sleepy-looking eyes
  • Neutralizes the beauty-subduing effects of long screen hours by making your eyes look more awake, refreshed, youthful

body care

Tavasma Body Serum for Changing and Demanding Skin

Never hear complaints of body odor again and naturally smell good through the day!

Help your skin regain that revitalized feeling to face new changes that life's daily struggles bring you!

  • Provides tender safe care to skin undergoing changes
  • Known for its armoring nature on skin that’s predisposed to unpredictability and fluctuating lifestyles
  • Soothe and moisturize skin especially before and after major body altering events
  • Rich in Balamoola, this oil contains within it the power to support skin that needs to feel rejuvenated

Shamanri Young-Energy Body Oil

iYURA's First Pro-Age Body Oil, specifically meant for women 

Now, enjoy the unique benefits of the legendary Ayurvedic herb, ‘Shatavari’ or ‘Wild Asparagus’ (known to be THE Ayurvedic Jackpot for mature women) in an enriching, 100% natural body oil! 

Experience responsible skincare for an aging body that does not just make your skin look beautiful, and but also helps it feel and look stronger and more flexible!


Tamanri Comforting Body Oil

Loosen bodily tensions and find harmony with your body by balancing Vata

This Ayurvedic elixir includes 23 rare and precious Ayurvedic ingredients - from natural oils to wild herbs. It’s intended to be applied to the entire body or to parts of the body that are exhibiting signs of Vata imbalance. 

This Ayurvedic Movement-Boosting Massage Elixir balances Vata and help coordinate the body & mind.



Saromyas Hair Elixir 

Uplift the appearance of your hair’s density, softness, and resplendent sheen with this Traditional, Spicy, 2-in-1 Ayurvedic Brew. 

The superior activity of Bhringraj builds the potency that a hair oil needs to infuse a youthful look. The naturally scented Essence of Gardenia and Rose for Plush, Lush, Moisturized Hair! 

The perfect oil for anyone looking for just the right amount of moisture, a pure scalp and revitalized energy in the way the hair looks and feels. 


Keranya Hair Oil

Unveil the dark, mysterious secret seed that sows enviable hair and get that long, lush, voluminous look with more hair shining on your head than left tangled in the brush! 

This Perfect Colorless Potion for all hair colors and hair types gives you more than you ever thought you could ask of a hair oil...

Brings the astounding hair-enriching power of Black Cumin in a multi-layered blend of 3 additional excellent hair oils and 3 Master Hair-Herbs directly to your roots.



Layuna Starter Set

Personal Layuna and Bharanyu oil

These Layuna Massagers work wonders for giving you a youthful face and total skin and mind-body rejuvenation! Whether as a part of a facial or a stand-alone experience, this wand will give you a natural, gentle face-tightening and revitalizing experience like never before!


Layuna for Face and Body plus Free iYURA Massage Oil

Layuna Massager for Face and Body and Free iYURA Massage Oil 

All natural, involving no electronic gadgets, batteries, the Layuna Massager is made with then special metal of India- Kansa. That’s where the impressive power of the tool lies- in this golden, historical metal, Kansa.