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5 Face Oil Tips For Older Women

How to find the best face-oil that will work for you after 50, 60, 70 and beyond

The Best of Yourself. The Best of Nature. The Very Best of Ayurveda

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5 Face Oil Tips For Older Women

How to find the best face-oil that will work for you after 50, 60, 70 and beyond

How to Select a Face Oil at 50, 60, 70 and beyond

1. Invest in the right ingredients and ask, "Is it really natural?"

Because the skin's natural defence system gets weaker as you get older, the way it gets affected by chemical formulations is even worse than when you're young.

Certain chemical formulations may even have a steroidal effect, meaning they may make your skin look temporarily enhanced but can cause much larger long-term damage, particularly if your skin is thinner, weaker.

No face oil should contain ANY preservative, additive or chemical because if it's pure, it doesn't need any of this - since oil itself IS a preservative.

Many "natural" products will actually be just "some" natural extracts in a mostly chemical base or with
additives/silicon/diluting agent/fragrance.

Therefore, turning to 100% natural, herbal solutions, (in fact, a particular category of herbal solutions if you need more targeted solutions, explained in point 3), is a very good option.

2. Use formulations that have specific herbs for specific need.

1. Menopausal skin prone to heat: Calming herbs like Vetiver, Sandalwood, Flame of the Forest
2. Dry skin: Sacred Lotus, Rose, Indian Barberry, Licorice
3. Dull Skin: Saffron, Lodhra, Lemon, Butter Tree Bark, Licorice, Wild Himalayan Cherry
4. Acne prone skin: Lodhra, Indian Madder (Manjishtha), Turmeric, Indian Barberry
5. Uneven complexion: Wild Himalayan Cherry, Saffron
6. Pores: Black Mustard
7. For firming: Black Mustard, Inula Racemosa, Beauty Berry (Priyangu)
8. Irritated Skin: Indian Rose-Chestnut (Naagchampa), Flame of the Forest (Palashphool), Indian Bay Leaf, Nut Grass

3. Try a new category of Face Oils that can be very potent.

Recently gaining more popularity here in Europe, Ayurvedic oils have existed for about 5000 years! Ayurveda (AH-YOUR-WAY-DAH) is an over-5000-year-old sister science of yoga which is a whole discipline of its own that combines herbology, biology, psychology, yoga and more to provide natural solutions for a healthy life.

Pure Ayurvedic skincare can be very powerful because it uses a number of highly effective exotic herbs in a unique way - by cooking into specific base oils. While Ayurvedic face oils are good for any age, for mature skin, Ayurvedic oils can be exceptionally beneficial because:
(a) they're chemical free
(b) they have specific herbs that naturally produce youth-boosting, firming, fine-tuning, glow enhancing effects and
(c) they provide older skin with natural moisture and stability, comparable to the skin's own oils when it is young. As we age, Ayurvedic oils make for a more powerful replacement for the skin's natural oil that keeps it bright, soft and youthful.

4. Use just 3 to 4 drops.

Oils, and particularly Ayurvedic oils, have far more powerful benefits when used correctly. Because they can be so powerful, too much is not needed. Less is more when it comes to Ayurvedic face oils.

5.  Use a nutritive oil once in the morning and a restorative oil once in the evening or before going to bed.

According to Ayurveda, the human body is naturally inclined to follow Circadian Rhythms or the rhythms of nature. Different functions take over the body at different times of the day. From 10:00 pm to 2:00 am, the body begins transformative, restorative processes. If the skin is fed with healthy, nutritive herbs, the skin too will rejuvenate itself with zing and you will wake up for radiant morning skin.

KEY: A quick 5-minute face massage can do wonders for your skin. Not only would it enhance blood circulation, helping it look youthful, but it will also help the oil penetrate even better.


Is there a woman who hasn’t been lured by those rich, expensive products that promise the moon and Mars, and maybe, offer Jupiter for free?!

We have all been tempted by the promises of face oils, but how do we decide what works for us?

The whole idea behind iYURA is that women shouldn't have to give in to fake promises or get temporary results. Women should not have to resort to makeup to hide their natural beauty. Women should not have to depend on chemicals or "partially-natural" products to bring out the best of themselves —especially in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

You should be able to simplify your skincare routine, use no more than 2 things and spend no more than 5 minutes to let your true self look stunning. You should also not be forced to choose a product that's not truly natural but only promises to be so. You should also not end up getting something that may be natural but doesn't work!

That's why The Ayurveda Experience, brings you 100% natural, 100% safe Ayurvedic face oils from iYURA that are what they say they are, and actually give powerful results!

Just 2 face oils that work in just 3-4 DROPS a day can replace all the moisturizers, pore appearance minimizers, glow boosters, youth-enhancers and whatnot in your skincare bag!

At iYURA, we say, "Women deserve real skincare that's actually good for them,
products that are worthy of being on their skin.”

Our line is a range of 100% Natural, Pure Ayurvedic skincare products that are based on ancient formulations that have been showing results for thousands of years! 

iYURA's NATURAL, POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE Face Oils that can replace liters of all moisturizers, pore appearance minimizers, glow boosters and more in your skincare bag — in just a few daily drops!


iYURA Face Oils come in amber glass bottles to protect the oil from direct light and a glorious, luxury invoking, beauty-inspiring, spectacular packaging with a hand-made painting in the Madhubani tradition.
They are exclusively sold here, on The Ayurveda Experience website.

iYURA Kesaradi Oil, is fantastic to give an immediate glow, soften the skin instantly,provide the skin with moisture and make it come alive, nourished with the powerful effects of Saffron- the world's most expensive spice, Rose, Turmeric, Lodhra, Sacred Lotus, Indian Bay Leaf and a total of 19 Ayurvedic ingredients with about 16 exotic herbs.

This oil is the most perfect moisturizer for dry, dull skin, irritable skin or skin that sensitive to harsh chemicals. It also provides for a pleasant experience as it has rose essential oil so smells like a subtle, earthy infusion of rose and saffron with an almost petrichor-like bottom note! MESMERIZING!

iYURA Manjish Glow Elixir is a night-time elixir which is very concentrated and produces powerful results, has no essential oils, no addedfragrance and contains Indian Madder - a herb known for its purifying, toning, youth-boosting effects, Lemon and Licorice for brightening, and Butter Tree Bark for softening the skin as the key herbs.

This oil is light, a perfect moisturizer for those going through adult acne/menopausal breakouts, great to give a clearer appearance to the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes, enhance the appearance of the skin around the mouth, the cheeks, the eyes and the forehead too.

Bharanyu Sunny-Brilliance Face Oil is a super light oil that can be used in the morning and night-time as well. Bharanyu epitomizes the golden sun in every way – instilling a beaming, unstoppable, illuminating radiance to your aura. This is a genius,VEGAN, ancient formulation for a brilliant glow - Like kissed by the Sun!! With 4 Brightening agents, 3 Clarifying and Purifying agents and 3 Calming agents and its pleasant aroma, your skin will thank you in the best way: with a healthy sunny glow!

Bharanyu Sunny Brilliance Face Oil is a brightening and enlivening potion that’s rich with the properties of powerful Ayurvedic herbs such as Turmeric, Manjistha, Amla, Kevra, Cinnamon and more, this oil works wonders for Oily skin as per the anti-bacterial oily balancing properties of it's ingredients. 

Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil
Kesaradi Face Oil

Kesaradi Day-Time Face Oil

Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir
Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir
Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir
Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir
Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir
Manjish Glow Night Time Face Elixir

Manjish Night-time Glow Elixir

Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil
Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil
Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil
Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil
Bharanyu Radiant Face Oil

Bharanyu Sunny-Brilliance 


The Ayurveda Experience, one of the largest Ayurveda-focused platforms in the US, brought together a team of Ayurveda Experts, Ph.D.scholars, research scientists, and legal experts to provide the highest quality Ayurvedic products to a modern european audience to solve their problems today, naturally and effectively.

In Europe, some products are Ayurveda-inspired BUT not truly Ayurvedic...
Just a pinch of turmeric doesn't make something Ayurvedic - Ayurveda is a whole science that considers the quality of herbs, the way they're prepared for cooking, the temperature at which the oils must be cooked, the best methodology and procedures for cooking the oil and more...

This science has existed for years, but never before was it brought forward in the way iYURA does today.

One of the biggest mistakes middle-aged women make is using foundation, concealers and other coverage makeup, which, instead of covering, end up making lines look even more pronounced, and skin look crepey and cakey and feels dry.

The best solution is NOT to find another cover-up, but to make your natural skin look and feel and be SO GOOD that you don't need or want to hide it anymore!


iYURA products do just that - they provide a long-term, healthy solution to problems like:
-Dryness, patchiness
-Large appearance of pores
-Pronounced appearance of lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead
-Appearance of blemishes
-Uneven skin tone
-Firming and toning

In early 2014, The Ayurveda Experience forayed into the space of Ayurveda especially formulated for the US through a very unique brand: iYURA.

iYURA brought the beauty of ancient culture and tradition along with the scientific principles that the science of Ayurveda was based upon in a unique way.

iYURA products stand out in a crowd of skincare products and brands not only due to the way they look, but also because of the way they make their users look! The strongest 'USP' of iYURA products is that they work!

Thousands of women across the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are totally loving using iYURA! AND WE HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED TO EUROPE!

"My forever young 69 year old face is so smooth, glowing: I can’t
say enough!!!! These products r so awesome!!! I would
recommend them to anyone...I do not wear foundation; there is no

- Linda B.

What women are saying about us...

"This face oil is amazing! I honestly don’t want to go a day without it now. I immediately put my other face oil (which I previously loved!) aside after trying this one and haven’t looked back. It gives me a glow that doesn't compare to other face oils, which I notice immediately and lasts all day while keeping my skin soft and moisturized. I’ve been using it for a little over a month now and definitely don’t wear as much makeup anymore - I just don’t feel like I need it! I also love the smell. I have no bad things to say about it."

Mary V.

"Love this oil so much! My skin feels softer, smoother and looks clearer after just a couple of weeks of use. ... I'm always a little nervous about face oils, and never end up liking them enough to repurchase. This one just absorbs so well into my skin and the difference is definitely noticeable. I'll definitely repurchase (though it looks like this bottle will last for quite awhile)."


"I have used many natural face creams and face oils and nothing compares to this one. It absorbs perfectly and makes your skin feel well moisturizer and not greasy. It’s a fantastic product!"

Rachel D.

"Best oil used so far! I have been suffering with dry red skin with occasional breakouts and red hives on my cheeks. I have tried countless products and oils that led to irritation or clogging of pores that led to acne on dry skin! I purchased the day and night oil and have been using them for about 3 weeks. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Very nourishing and does not irritate the skin at all. Smells great and absorbs nicely."

Kayleen P

Try our premium line of pure Ayurvedic beauty products by iYURA!
You’ll love it.

Lemon: This powerful ingredient provides your skin a glow-some boost! It’s rich in Vitamin C, which is known to be extremely beneficial for skin. This formula also helps balance out the look of patchy and uneven skin tones!

Indian madder:
Known as the “unsung hero” of Ayurveda, this herb not only hydrates dry skin from deep within, it also works on the appearance of blemishes to give you even, glowing skin. By the way, it is this herb which gives Manjish Glow Elixir its gorgeous reddish-pink hue!

Butter tree bark:An unusual but highly effective Ayurvedic ingredient you won’t find in many beauty formulations, the bark of the Madhuca Indica tree is rich with powerful compounds that actively boost moisture and provide for a recovered look in the morning. That is why it is perfect for some good old night-time skin rescue!  

All iYURA products are tailor-made for women who want nothing less than
Natural, not pseudo-natural.

Day & Night Face Oil Duo
Day & Night Face Oil Duo
Day & Night Face Oil Duo
Day & Night Face Oil Duo
Day & Night Face Oil Duo
Day & Night Face Oil Duo
Day & Night Face Oil Duo

iYURA Day & Night

Set of AM/PM Face Oils
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The No-MakeUp Look for Combination Skin

Set of AM/PM Face Oils
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The No-MakeUp Look for
Oily Skin

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