Visran Relaxation Oil - pack of 2


Visran Relaxation Oil

Contains 2x Visran Relaxation Oil 100ml

Ayurveda's recipe for balance in body, mind and soul, with eucalyptus, cedar and 20 other herbs.

  • Beautiful skin thanks to a special formula made from Ayurvedic oil and herbal essences.
  • A new kind of massage for a calm mind!
  • peace of mind through soothing fragrances
  • 100% natural ingredients

For a relaxed and invigorating effect! This special mixture of 100% natural Ayurvedic plants, herbal essences and sesame oil ensures beautiful skin, physical relaxation and a calm mind.

These wonderful ingredients combine into this Ayurvedic oil:

The refreshing effect of eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is particularly known for its refreshing and stimulating effects! It is particularly suitable for cooling after a work-out or long walks. Its essential oils have a triple effect: on the skin, in the muscles, as well as on the sense of smell! Here the eucalyptus oil helps to calm the head due to its cooling effect. This makes it easier to let go of everyday events and the body relaxes, both during the day and at night! And for meditation? Eucalyptus oil brings a breath of fresh air to the seat cushion, and the pleasant smell helps you to look inside!

The warm note of cedar wood

Known in India as "Devadaru" - the wood of the gods - cedar wood is a very special wood! According to legend, it stores the energy of the entire universe and works like a miracle against all kinds of physical and mental ailments. Cedar wood promotes self-confidence, calms the mind, lifts the mood and is particularly beneficial for the skin! Especially with dry, flaky or sensitive skin, cedars have an extremely positive effect.

The warm note brings your head to rest, supports you when everything gets too much, and helps you get back into your body. In meditation, the strong note of cedarwood oil helps to slow down everyday life in order to feel the inner center again.


The cooling effect of asparagus root

Asparagus root is not only known in Indian Ayurveda, but also in TCM, Chinese medicine!

Asparagus root has a beauty-promoting effect! It keeps the skin fresh and ensures a balanced moisture content. This keeps the skin elastic and soft.


The calming effect of clover root

Desmodium clover is one of the most commonly used herbs in Ayurveda. It is part of the "Dashmoola" 10 most important plants! It has a calming effect, reminds us to take a deep breath and naturally promotes balance in the body.


The popular Ayurvedic sesame oil

Sesame oil is one of the most popular Ayurvedic oils because it forms the basis for many of the traditional blends. It is suitable for all skin types and has a balancing effect on all three "doshas", the three constitutional types of Ayurveda. Sesame oil brings balance back into your body!

It is used especially for the daily self massage. Also in sports, such as the Indian martial art Kalari from Kerala or yoga, it is massaged on all joints before training so that the body remains flexible.


The special formula from Visran Relaxing Oil is not sticky and heavy like other traditional Ayurveda oils. Instead, it has a light texture that is quickly absorbed into the skin.


Quantity: 100 ml x 2

100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee

Ingredients (INCI):

Sesamum indicum seed oil, Vitex negundo leaf juice extract, Asparagus racemosus root extract, Desmodium gangeticum root extract, Sida cordifolia root extract, Barleria prionitis whole plant extract, Ricinus communis root extract, Saccharum spontaneum root extract, Solanum indicum root extract, Pongamia pinnata seed extract, Uraria picta whole plant extract, Acorus calamus rhizome extract, Alpinia galanga root extract, Boerhavia diffusa root extract,  Cedrus deodara heartwood extract, Elettaria cardamomum seed extract, Foeniculum vulgare fruit extract, Parmelia perlata flower extract, Pluchea lanceolata leaf extract, Rock salt, Santalum album heartwood extract, Valeriana wallichii root extract, Withania somnifera root extract, Eucalyptus globulus oil (Essential oil), Cedrus deodara heartwood oil (Essential oil), Limonene

Quantity: 100 ml x 2

100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee

Directions of use:

This relaxation oil is ideal after physical or mental exertion, during meditation or before going to bed. Take 5 ml of oil and massage your skin gently until the oil stops absorbing.

Quantity: 100 ml x 2

100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee


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